JSC Federal Freight first launches container shipments on contrailer platforms

JSC Federal Freight first launches container shipments on contrailer platforms

JSC Federal Freight first dispatches a contrailer platform intended for container-loaded cargo vehicles from Moskva-Tovarnaya station of the Moscow Railway to Kleschikha station of the West Siberian Railway. The pilot shipment should determine the contrailer dimension for mainline destinations of automotive transportation, the company media office explained. This, according to JSC Federal Freight speakers, makes it the only operator in Russia capable of offering the new service to the customers interested in minimization of container transshipment steps between various modes of transport thereby reducing cost and time of shipment.

JSC Federal Freight General Director Aleksey Taicher says that the development of container transportation in Russia has a vast untapped potential and can meet the demands of all participants of the shipment process. He added that in collaboration with Russian Railways the company has been working on contrailer shipment development, including “improvement of regulatory basis, maintenance of the rolling stock, terminals, warehouses and infrastructural sites, development of interaction with the road transport.” First shipment routes will be opened from Moscow to Siberia and Ural cities — Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg; in the future, the geography will be extended to include Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk and Zabaykalsk. JSC Federal Freight Media Office provided Gudok.ru with a forecast that in as little as two years the contrailer platform shipment volume may reach 25–30 thousand rail car dispatches per year.

Model 13–9961 special purpose platform for contrailer transportation intended for shipment of automotive trailers, semitrailers and heavy cargo containers, certified in 2013. The model was designed by RM Rail Engineering (part of RM Rail holding and Basel Group of Oleg Deripaska) and built in Ruzkhimmash plant (also part of RM Rail). RM Rail Media Office shared with Gudok.ru that all in all the plant released two prototypes of the platform. “The model has no counterparts in Russia. Its main advantage is versatility. It can carry contrailers and containers, reducing the risk of not having a return load,” Gudok.ru was told. Starting from 2013, the JSC Federal Freight contrailer platform was in trial operation, undergoing cargo handling on railway sidings of pilot production companies. “During the same period, loading plan was under approval and contrailer load rate schedule was being developed,”  Gudok.ru heard from JSC Federal Freight.

Deputy Director of Institute of Natural Monopolies Research (INMR) Vladimir Savchuk says that in Russia there is a set of natural prerequisites for successful development of contrailer transportation: existence of bottlenecks on motorways, poorly developed road infrastructure in some regions, long distances between places of cargo flows generation and consumption, and generally wide stretches of land. “INMR estimates that the potential cargo shift from road to rail transport currently amounts to about 360 million tons of cargo annually for all types and technologies of shipment. A certain portion of this potential cargo shift can be switched to the contrailer transportation technology promoted by the service developed by JSC Federal Freight,” says Savchuk. The expert also emphasized that the main probing stone will be the ability of the new technology to integrate in the existing logistics of freight forwarders and accommodate the existing framework of speed, timing, arrival schedules, and price offers of the railways.

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