Multimodal shipment

Convenience-driven unification and standardization resulted in emergence of a new type of transportation growing increasingly more popular year on year - the multimodal transportation. With wide employment of containers, a possibility occurred to design supply chains combining 2 and more types of transport, whereas the cargo was secured inside the container without exposure to excessive handling or movement.

Our services

Multiple years of multimodal freight forwarding for Ilim Group stand behind our high quality service and attractive offer:

  • Imported cargo shipment from China, Korea, Japan, South-East Asia, India, Europe, USA
  • Export container shipments to all destinations, e.g. timber cargoes, chemistry, metallurgical products, food, equipment

Our vantage points

  1. Operated container fleet => our containers are always available.
  2. Direct relations with sea carriers = > minimizing the sea part of shipment cost.
  3. Own rolling stock => minimizing the railway part of shipment cost.
  4. Railway transportation in express trains => reduced time of delivery.
  5. Fleet of container trucks => minimizing the road part of shipment cost, door-to-door just-in-time delivery.
  6. Extended representation network across the country => ready availability of containers.
  7. Big volumes of shipment => smooth logistic chains, cost reduction due to quantity.
  8. Large amounts of traffic => streamlined logistics solutions, minimizing costs due to volume.
  9. Expertise in precious cargo shipment => minimum risk of cargo damage/loss..
  10. Team of professionals => competence and deftness in customer operations.
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